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Happy New Year 2018: New Year 2018 is an event where people all around the world celebrate this day. Probably, this is the only day when the entire world is up on its feet and celebrations are going around. This is the only time of the year when the entire planet Earth refuses to stay shut and party. Perhaps, the most nostalgic part of every New Year Eve is the countdown from 10 seconds. Today, we are going to discuss the ‘history’ of New Year and how New Year 2018 would be celebrated all around the world.

History of New Year

For many people thoughts, the celebration of New Year on 1st January is indeed a phenomenon which you can say is new. Why? New Year was first celebrated in mid of March during the vernal equinox in the time around 2000 BC. Also, according to many beliefs, people around the world celebrated New Year on different dates, like people is Egypt celebrated New Year around the time of the winter solstice. After a while came the role of the Roman calendar which fixed New Year as 1st March. Proceeding in such way, it was in 153 BC when Rome first celebrated New Year on 1st January, marking the beginning of the era of New Year being celebrated on 1st January.

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Happy New Year 2018 being celebrated all over the world

Different countries and parts of the world have different cultures, and this is what leads to a variety of style of celebration of New Year. Though nowadays, people have adopted cultures of other countries, the way they prefer and like it, but still, there is a huge crowd who still is inclined to its own cultures when it comes to the celebration of New Year. Based on how New Year has been celebrated for the past years, we will be giving you a simple and basic gist of how you can expect New Year 2018 to be celebrated in different parts and countries of the world, of which, your country is also a part. Now obviously, it is not possible to give a gist of New Year 2018 celebrations in all the countries, due to the vast number and also the common factors of celebration. Below are the leading countries of the world and how they would be celebrating New Year 2018 at the end of this year.

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New Year 2018 in the United States of America

When it comes to New Year 2018 in the USA, the first thing which pops up is the unlimited flow of wine through our body, which is backed up the supply of abundance of gourmet food, which symbolizes hope for prosperity. Next, comes the opening of champagne clubbed with the wonderful fruit cakes of different flavors. Also, football matches go live streaming all around the USA. Obviously, the exclusive decorations with small bulbs and Christmas bells are also a part of the culture.

Happy New Year 2018 in the United State of America

New Year 2018 in the United Kingdom

When it comes to New Year 2018 in the UK, the culture there shows up, gathering to witness the amazing fireworks in front of the London Eye, when the “Big Ben” clock strikes 12. Also, big loafs of bread, cakes, wonderful food and all types of alcohol consumption marks the culture and the celebration of people residing in the United Kingdom.

New Year 2018 in the United Kingdom

New Year 2018 in China

When it comes to New Year 2018 in China, the most happening part of the celebration is the continuation which lasts for around 10 to 15 days. The is a long time they celebrate, and also the playing of drums is considered to be a ritual belief to drive away the evil of the country. Also, Lion dance is a common culture along with the exchange of red envelopes between people to mark it as good luck.

New Year 2018 in China

New Year 2018 in Japan

When it comes to New Year 2018 in Japan, preparation of rice cakes is a common culture all around Japan. Also, people visit temples to pray for the souls that have departed and also have been considered to be a common harvest. Also, the homes in Japan put up hand-made straw ropes to mark as good luck for them.

Happy New Year 2018 in Japan

New Year 2018 in France

When it comes to New Year 2018 in France, families meet up and celebrate with champagne, and also huge pompous parties are organized all over the country. Special preparations like Rveillon de Saint-Sylvestre are also planned.

New Year 2018 in France

New Year 2018 in Spain

When it comes to New Year 2018 in Spain, people feed on eating twelve grapes at each strike of the clock at midnight, which is considered to bring them good luck for the next year.

New Year 2018 in Spain

New Year 2018 in Germany

When it comes to Merry Christmas 2017 & New Year 2018 in Germany, people drop molten lead into cold water to view what shapes they take up by themselves, each shape giving them a belief of what will be coming to them in the upcoming year.

New Year 2018 in Germany

New Year 2018 in India

India is probably the country which is the richest in cultures, and different parts of India has their own way of celebrating New Year. From West Bengal to different parts of India, they have their own way of celebration from the variety of special food cooked, to the serving of liquor. What appeals as the main attractions are the various performances, sticking to the culture of each state, New Year 2018 in India, comes with different ways of celebrations across the country.

New Year 2018 in India

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Happy New Year 2018 Images

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So, that is how you can expect the mark of 31st December and 1st January to be this year. Hopefully, the said details of the different countries mentioned above have given you a gist or an ideal idea of what goes around the world, when the clock strikes 12 am, that is 00:00 hours and the world takes a turn from 31st December of a year to 1st January of the next year. Following a religious trend like attending the midnight church services of 31st December and morning church services of 1st January also takes part for Christians and other trends of people of different other religious beliefs. Download Happy New Year GIF for Whatsapp.

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